About Keijser Capital

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About Keijser Capital


Keijser Capital has been active in the financial sector for over a 100 years and has evolved from a classical securities house into an independent financial advisor for large, yet unlisted SME’s wishing to finance their growth. Armed with our comprehensive market knowledge, specialized expertise, and network of external contacts our goal is to meet our client’s business needs.


Keijser is able to act as a bridge between (medium) sized companies in the Benelux and professional and private investors within the capital market. In this way we are able to satisfy the growing need for additional sources of financing apart from the often scarce and expensive bank loans.


Since its founding in 1903, Keijser Capital has built an impressive track record with innovative instruments granting access to major capital markets, including bookbuilding in the ‘80s and the pre-IPO convertible bond in early 2000. Obviously a lot has changed, but our individual customer approach and specific bond expertise has remained intact. In 2012, we launched a new financial instrument: the SME-Bond.


Keijser is a relatively small organization with a network of flexible external capacity/contractors. We co-operate with a number of specialized parties in the area of ​​research, placement, legal, and tax issues. Transparency and security are considered our highest priorities.