When guiding SMEs, the debt capital markets department within Keijser conducts vigorous research on the market the SME is operating in. During the market research process comparable companies, which have previously issued similar bonds, are identified and analysed in order to create a comprehensive picture of the financing landscape. During the advisory phase, these findings are used in the due diligence analysis as reference material in order to determine adequate bond terms. This enables the entrepreneur to compare and contrast the expected costs of the SME-Bond with other possible alternatives.


Keijser Capital closely follows interesting and new developments within the financial sector. Here are a few of these developments that have/had our attention:


The main topics are:

– SMEs

– Bonds

– Themes

The economic climate post-crisis, created severe financing difficulties for SMEs. Tighter regulation like Basel III forced banks to hold more capital and to engage in less risky investments. These restrictions significantly decreased the financing abilities for SMEs, creating an imperfection in the market. This research......