SME Advice

SME bond, Keijser
SME Advice from an experienced financial advisor


Keijser Capital is an experienced financial advisor and negotiator of growing SME’s from a certain size in the Benelux. We focus on providing solutions and strive to think outside the existing, traditional frameworks. Innovative, but with enough security and risk reduction all while remaining transparent.


In addition, Keijser will gladly assist your organization during the often difficult growth stages. Providing expert SME advice and custom financial solutions that fit your current market conditions while planning for the future. After a comprehensive financial analysis of your business you will receive a proposal for new and/or additional financing.


Financial issues organizations are facing:


  • Attracting non-bank growth financing for acquisitions or investments
  • Guiding the placement process of bonds, public or private
  • Financial restructuring, where business units are placed off-balance
  • Balance Shortening, to improve the solvency of bank covenants.


Keijser Capital offers entrepreneurs access to the public capital market as an alternative to traditional bank financing. Therefore, the SME Bond was introduced to help bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the capital market.