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SME finance that supports your long-term strategy and goals through getting access to investors interested in SME’s


You will most likely have noticed that organizations are increasingly forced to decrease their dependence on bank financing. With the introduction of Basel III, starting in 2013, banks are required to hold more capital for the part of the available funds that they lend to businesses and in particular SME’s. Due to these new international banking regulations, banks have become more reluctant to extend new loans. In addition, existing loans are often subject to unfavourable refinancing terms and clauses. Perhaps you have encountered these issues as well.


Where as in the US over 80% of business financing occurs via the private sector and therefore roughly only 20% through financial institutions, the opposite can be said about the Netherlands. Elsewhere in Europe however, a greater percentage of financial needs are covered through the capital market. Recently, current research and the Nederlandsche Bank have both supported the need for the Dutch businesses to look for financing alternatives.


At Keijser Capital, we are closely involved in Pan-European initiatives that aim to make the capital market more accessible to SME’s. Our involvement is in close partnerships with Euronext and other relevant authorities.


We are also on the constant hunt for appropriate SME financing instruments that can be offered both in the public and private capital markets. Our SME-Bond is just one example of this. By continually assessing the market for bank loan alternatives, we are confident about the effectiveness and feasibility of our SME-Bond.


Due to our extensive working history with legal and other advisers of (SME) corporate financing, we are able to negotiate extremely competitive rates for our clients without affecting the quality and feasibility.


If you are interested, we are more than willing to explore your options in an advisory phase. Should you then find the required conditions acceptable, we will work with your corporation to finalize the terms and conditions and move forward with the actual issuing and placing of the bonds.